Our High Priest

Each day we walk through the Bible

chapter by chapter making an application

of our text to help us grow in the Lord.

Many applications can be made from

each day's text. Today we continue in

the book of Hebrews with Chapter 4

and in our text we see a rest for God's

People, that His Word is like a sword,

and that Jesus-Christ is our High Priest.

In making application we see that we

have High Priest in Jesus-Christ that

has experienced every temptation as

we do but has did not sin. How about

you? Are you facing temptation? Let

us learn from our text today and the

reminder of the author of Hebrews that in Jesus-Christ we have a High Priest which we can come humbly but boldly to His throne in our time of temptation or need.

#OurHighPriest #Hebrews4

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