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          For logging on to our The Bible page. A Bible Society is an organization devoted to make Bibles available to the public At or Below the cost of production. is home of  this Global Bible Society. & the United States Bible Society. One organization committed to making the Bible available in ever language. We are honored to work with other Bible Societies united in purpose and focus to reach the world with the word of God. Contact us if we can help you in your region to provide the Word of God in every language.

The Bible

Become a Member of The Bible
& Change Someones Life for Eternity

How your gifts are Invested

+ $20 gift
- $ 8 a free Bible printed and mailed to someone in the US
- $ 8 The Bible Magazine mailed to you in the US
- $ 4 Media and Translation Production Costs
+ $ 20 additional gift will send one Bible Internationally

Become a Member of The Bible

To become a member simply fill out the form below thunderstorms with a gift of $20 or more and click the monthly tab and follow the prompts

First Time Membership

Your monthly gift of $20 or more will change someones life

 The Bible Members

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